Trapped Emotions: Removing the Roadblocks to a Richer Life

Originating from the traumas we encounter in our lives, trapped emotions are fluid dense energies that become stuck in our luminous energy field, also called the aura. For example, the death of a loved one, a divorce, a serious illness, or being bullied at school in our younger years, are all life experiences that can leave behind dense energy that can get caught in the fabric of our soul. Left untended, dense energy can live within the luminous energy field for years causing unwanted havoc to our lives. What is worse is we may be unaware a trapped emotion is affecting us because these energies often act in stealth mode on a subconscious level. It’s not unusual to have one or more trapped emotions even. Suffice to say, these heavy energies serve us no good purpose. The good news is a single trapped emotion can be extracted by a skilled practitioner in a matter of minutes yielding extraordinary results. Trapped emotions can affect us on a subconscious—and even conscious—level undermining our best efforts to attract what we want to our lives. We may think we’re sending positive vibes out to the Universe, but lurking in the background, playing its negative tape over and over in our minds, is a trapped emotion sending unwanted, unintended signals out to the Universe, sabotaging our best efforts to live the life we want. How can a person realistically expect to find the perfect job or the perfect relationship if a trapped emotion is endlessly playing the message I am unworthy in their head? Whether consciously or not, that negative loop sends silent messages,... read more

Spring Cleaning: Clearing Dense Energies

When I was a child growing up, after the daffodils and tulips and the cherry tree in the front yard had bloomed, once the temperature had crept into the high 60’s and low 70’s for good and the fresh of Spring was in the air, my mother would take the curtains down from all the windows in the house and wash them. She’d clean the windows from the inside, my father the windows from the outside. This was her Spring ritual. I once asked my mother why she washed the drapes and cleaned the windows every year. After all, it seemed to me they just got dirty again. She replied, it’s to let the sun in. Our soul’s are a lot like the windows my parents cleaned as part of my family’s rite of Spring every year. The cleaner our soul is, the more sun we can welcome into our lives. You might be wondering how can a soul be cleaned and what would cleaning do to a soul anyway. In my last post, I wrote how the law of attraction might work for some people but not for others. I wrote how a person might not be able to attract what they want to their life if their soul was vibrating at a rate slower than the positive thoughts she or he was sending out. I wrote that in order for positive thinking to be effective, a person must first clear their soul of the dense energies that get in the way so that both mind and soul can be in congruence. “Cleaning” the soul is where a... read more

One Law of Attraction Two Bodies

One Law of Attraction, Two Bodies The law of attraction is known for the propositions “we create our own reality” and “like attracts like”. Underlying both tenets is the belief that thoughts are energy, that positive thoughts will attract positive energy and abundance—the good kind—into our lives. Think positive thoughts and good things are sure to follow, and vice versa—so says the law of attraction. But is thinking positive enough? No. If it were, everyone would think positive thoughts and lead the lives they wished. We’d all be rich or married to the perfect partner, have the perfect job, live in our dream homes, or all of these things. We know though that thinking positive thoughts doesn’t always yield these sorts of results. The reason for this is that the law of attraction is an overly simplistic rule that assumes we are whole and perfect human beings. The truth is we’re not perfect. Nor are we whole. We have two bodies. We have a physical body and an energetic one. We’re familiar with our physical bodies. We use our physical bodies to interact with the world. They are our sensory companions. With them, we see, feel, taste, touch and smell. We experience life’s joys and sorrows, its ups and downs, pleasure and pain, and we emote with them too. Our physical bodies can know the freedom that comes from driving an open road with the top down or the calm, soothing sounds of the ocean surf washing up on a sandy shore. Our energetic body, on the other hand, helps choreograph how we live each day, each month, the... read more

Healing 101

A wise teacher once taught me that every healing has two parts: an energetic part and a physical part. When I heard this, I instinctively knew him to mean the energetic part to be Spirit and the physical part to be this three dimensional reality we live in. You need both parts in place for healing to occur. Healing doesn’t happen on just one level. The sort of healing my teacher was talking about wasn’t a wound on which a band aid is placed and days later a scab has formed that will fall off in a week. Nor was he referring to taking a course of antibiotics that wipes an infection clean. The healing my teacher was referring to was transformative healing. Transformative healing is measured by an increase in a person’s well being, in a person’s newfound sense of peace, or when a person becomes empowered allowing s/he to live out their dreams. When transformative healing happens, magical changes can overtake a person’s life. It took me years though to understand the layers of my teacher’s wisdom. On a fundamental level, my teacher’s lesson stood for the proposition that Spirit can’t do it alone. Spirit needs help, our help, human help. An energy medicine practitioner can be this help. They can be the physical roots Spirit needs to access our world. For example, shamans assist Spirit by brokering the space where healing occurs. As a shaman “holds” space, Spirit installs changes in the energetic, the very ones that will filter down and manifest magic in our lives. Sometimes the change comes quickly, other times it seeps in... read more

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Two men.

Both of this

world and of

the other.

The fabric of

life being

torn apart.

The world’s

fate hanging

in the balance.

One fragile line

bears Man’s