Healing 201: Two Bodies, One Law of Attraction

Healing 201: Two Bodies, One Law of Attraction We have two bodies. We have a physical body and an energetic one. We’re familiar with our physical bodies. We use our physical bodies to interact with the world. They are our sensory companions. With them, we see, feel, taste, touch and smell. We experience life’s joys and sorrows, its ups and downs, pleasure and pain, and we emote with them too. Our physical bodies can know the freedom that comes from driving an open road with the top down or the calm, soothing sounds of the ocean surf washing up on a sandy shore. Our energetic bodies, on the other hand, help choreograph how we live each day, each month, the chapters of our lives. Our energetic body affects how our physical body interacts with the world too, but on a different level. Known by other names like the luminous energy field (LEF), the soul, and the aura, the energetic body can help us tune into and engage the hidden realm of energy. Just as our physical bodies are a complex system of organs and cells, our energetic bodies are no less intricate. Like blood pumping through a circulatory system, energy vibrates throughout our energetic body. It would be nice to believe that everyone’s energetic body vibrates at the same rate but that’s not the way it works. Our energetic bodies vibrate at different rates. We’ve all encountered the person who seems to radiate and glow, who lights up a room with their mere presence. They have a certain magical quality about them that can’t be explained. All we know... read more

Healing 101

A teacher once told me that every healing has two parts: an energetic part and a physical part. When I heard this, I instinctively knew him to mean the energetic part was Spirit and the physical part was this three dimensional reality we live in. You need both parts in place for healing to occur. Healing doesn’t happen on only one level. The sort of healing my teacher was talking about wasn’t the type where a cut is covered by a band aid and days later a scab has formed that will fall off in a week. Nor was he referring to taking a course of antibiotics that wipes an infection clean. The healing my teacher was referring to was transformative healing. Transformative healing is measured by an increase in a person’s well being, in a person’s newfound sense of peace, or when a person becomes empowered giving them fuel to live out their dreams. When transformative healing occurs, magical changes often manifest in a person’s life. It took me years though to understand the layers of my teacher’s wisdom. On a fundamental level, my teacher’s lesson stood for the proposition that Spirit can’t do it alone. Spirit needs help, our help, human help. An energy medicine practitioner can be this help. They can be the physical roots Spirit needs to access our world. For example, shamans assist Spirit by brokering the space where healing occurs. As a shaman “holds” space, Spirit installs changes in the energetic, the very ones that will filter down and manifest magic in our lives. Sometimes the change comes about fast, other times it... read more