Healing 101

A wise teacher once taught me that every healing has two parts: an energetic part and a physical part. When I heard this, I instinctively knew him to mean the energetic part to be Spirit and the physical part to be this three dimensional reality we live in. You need both parts in place for healing to occur. Healing doesn’t happen on just one level.

The sort of healing my teacher was talking about wasn’t a wound on which a band aid is placed and days later a scab has formed that will fall off in a week. Nor was he referring to taking a course of antibiotics that wipes an infection clean. The healing my teacher was referring to was transformative healing. Transformative healing is measured by an increase in a person’s well being, in a person’s newfound sense of peace, or when a person becomes empowered allowing s/he to live out their dreams. When transformative healing happens, magical changes can overtake a person’s life.

It took me years though to understand the layers of my teacher’s wisdom.

On a fundamental level, my teacher’s lesson stood for the proposition that Spirit can’t do it alone. Spirit needs help, our help, human help. An energy medicine practitioner can be this help. They can be the physical roots Spirit needs to access our world. For example, shamans assist Spirit by brokering the space where healing occurs. As a shaman “holds” space, Spirit installs changes in the energetic, the very ones that will filter down and manifest magic in our lives. Sometimes the change comes quickly, other times it seeps in slowly.

But alone, a change in the energetic does not bring about healing. Results can only be achieved when there is a corresponding change in the physical. But what does this mean? It means different things in different contexts. At its most basic, it means there must be a person involved to receive the healing. This will always holds true unless the recipient of the healing is a mountain, a river, a tree, an animal, or other natural object.

Once there’s been a change in the energetic, a person must act. This might require us to change our diet or to exercise more for better health, to send resumes out for that coveted job, or to drop a toxic relationship to make room for love in our life. In other words, we can’t sit around all day expecting the energetic changes to pound the physical pavement on our behalf and expect results. Healing doesn’t work that way. Changes in the energetic might remove the physical roadblocks we encounter but once the roadblocks have been taken away, it becomes our responsibility to press down on the gas pedal to reach our dreams.

Sometimes the physical part is about accepting an unexpected gift that’s been placed down on our path. Gifts are curious things though. Gifts can come wrapped up in the most unexpected ways. A gift might come wrapped up in a guise or circumstance that makes no sense to us and therefore, we might be reluctant to accept it. Sometimes accepting a gift takes courage because doing so requires us to give up what we know so well for something that we don’t. But just like you might not like the size or shape or color of the lily pad in front of you, the only way to find the next lily pad and to discover the next, and the next, and to reach the other side, is by leaping from the current one to the only lily pad around. In the end, a gift recipient must make a choice: whether to accept the gift or not. It’s that simple. It’s the choice we’re given.

Every healing requires two parts: an energetic part and a physical part. Healing requires us to step in in some way. After the energetic changes have been installed, healing requires us to step in in some way. It might be as simple as accepting the gift serendipity places in front of us or it might be making a conscious choice to travel down a road we’ve long want to explore.

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