Healing 201: Two Bodies, One Law of Attraction

Healing 201: Two Bodies, One Law of Attraction

We have two bodies. We have a physical body and an energetic one.

We’re familiar with our physical bodies. We use our physical bodies to interact with the world. They are our sensory companions. With them, we see, feel, taste, touch and smell. We experience life’s joys and sorrows, its ups and downs, pleasure and pain, and we emote with them too. Our physical bodies can know the freedom that comes from driving an open road with the top down or the calm, soothing sounds of the ocean surf washing up on a sandy shore.

Our energetic bodies, on the other hand, help choreograph how we live each day, each month, the chapters of our lives. Our energetic body affects how our physical body interacts with the world too, but on a different level. Known by other names like the luminous energy field (LEF), the soul, and the aura, the energetic body can help us tune into and engage the hidden realm of energy. Just as our physical bodies are a complex system of organs and cells, our energetic bodies are no less intricate. Like blood pumping through a circulatory system, energy vibrates throughout our energetic body.

It would be nice to believe that everyone’s energetic body vibrates at the same rate but that’s not the way it works. Our energetic bodies vibrate at different rates. We’ve all encountered the person who seems to radiate and glow, who lights up a room with their mere presence. They have a certain magical quality about them that can’t be explained. All we know is, we want to be around this person. We’ve also experienced the person who’s always in a gloomy guy, the one who casts a shadow into that same room and for the most part, the person people stay away from.

The law of attraction. The law of attraction is a universal tenet that tells us that we create our own reality and that stands for the proposition that “like attracts like”. One of the premises of the law of attraction is the concept that thoughts are energy. Positive thoughts are said to attract similar positive energies into a person’s life. So think positive thoughts and good things are sure to follow, and vice versa—so says the law of attraction.

But is thinking positive enough? No. If it were, everyone would think positive thoughts and lead the lives they wished. We’d all be rich or married to the perfect partner. But we know that this isn’t the way life works.

The law of attraction is an overly simplistic rule that doesn’t account for the sophistication of the energetic body. The law of attraction assumes we are whole beings.

Let’s take a step back for a moment. There is nothing inherently positive or negative about energy. Energy vibrates—though at different rates. We associate energy that vibrates at a high rate with being positive, and energy that vibrates at a low rate with being negative. Remember the person who radiates and lights up a room with their presence? We instinctively want to gravitate to that person.

Does this mean that people with energetic bodies that vibrate at a high rate attract similarly high vibrating people and circumstances to their life? Yes, in some circumstances. No, in others. This is where the nuances of the energetic body come into play.

Over time, and through the course of our lives, we accumulate dense, slow moving energies that become stuck in our LEF. For example, traumas we encounter along the way—a divorce, a serious illness—can leave behind dense energies in our LEF. The more the energetic body is gunked up with these dense energies, the slower the LEF vibrates.

All our positive thinking can actually be a futile exercise. The reason for this is the energetic body trumps what the physical mind puts out. When an energetic body vibrates at a slower rate than the positive thoughts the physical mind sends out, guess which one will govern the kind of energies attracted. In order for positive thinking to make the desired difference, a person must first clear their energetic body of slow vibrating dense energies so that both the physical and energetic can be in congruence. We’ll explore this more in the next post.