Healing Sessions


Shamanic healing sessions can be done in person or over the phone. The suggested donation is $150 per session. You shouldn’t feel limited to this amount, especially if the affects you experienced were dynamic and you feel a different amount is appropriate. The fee not only represents a sum for my time but it also is an exchange of energy. Arrangements can be made to pay securely through Pay Pal. If you prefer an in person session, I am located in northern New Jersey.


Preparing for a Session

It is important that you set an intention and want to create a new, healthy pattern for your life.  Identify those areas in your life:

  • That may feel out of balance;
  • That may no longer serve who you are; or
  • That may be out of control or not working for you.

Ask yourself

  • Are there qualities in your life that are missing and that you wish to reclaim?
  • Are there unhealthy or negative patterns in your life?
  • Are there people in your life to whom you have an unhealthy connection to?
  • Are there places in your body where you regularly feel pain or hold stress?
  • Are there unhealthy themes from your family history that are present in your life?


What to expect

  • A typical session takes approximately 1 to 1½ hours.
  • Sessions are never rushed.
  • There will be time to talk about your concerns.
  • Once the location of the energetic imprint is identified, clearing of your energy field proceeds.
  • Lifestyle changes may be necessary to support the healing process and these will be discussed.
  • All the work performed is private and confidential.
  • Significant healing may be accomplished in one to three sessions, depending upon the nature of the work performed.
  • Success may be affected by your desire and willingness to create a healing lifestyle.
  • Homework may be given to support and continue the work the client has begun with their session such as creating a sand painting that will support the shamanic work.

After your session, you should take time to honor and nurture yourself; take time to engage in an activity that fuels your passion and your spirit.  It may take several days or weeks to fully integrate the healing you have received.  Every person experiences the healing process differently.  Healing, however it manifests in your life—immediately or gradually—will be the right way for you.

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