The illumination process is the core practice in shamanic healing.  The illumination process is used to clear the luminous energy field of negative and toxic emotions that have become embedded as imprints and which still inform us on an unconscious level.  Imprints are formed in the luminous energy field when the negative emotions that accompany trauma are not healed at the time they occur.  These imprints—sometimes referred to as karma—predispose us to repeating or attracting similar events and people to our lives.  We can understand intellectually that a person or circumstance is not healthy for us but until the imprint is cleared from the luminous energy field it can be very difficult to step away from these recurring negative patterns and into a healthier lifestyle.  The first step in the illumination process cleans the toxic emotional energy around an imprint.  The second step removes the imprint and, most importantly, the affinity for a person to attract similar events to their lives.