Other Services

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage are the major transitions that all people pass through in life such as adulthood, marriage, parenthood, and sagehood.  The shaman can assist by helping a client gently release an old role and step into a new one with power and grace.


Land, Home & Office Clearings

Land, our homes, and even the offices we work in can contain unwanted energies or non-physical entities who need help in reaching the other side. These unwanted energies can adversely affect your life, your family’s life, and others who share the space. These unwanted energies can be the cause of arguments and rifts between people. These unwanted energies can also derail your plans and thwart your dreams. A ceremony can be performed to clear these unwanted energies, to assist non-physical entities in reaching the Light, and to protect the space from future unwanted energies from affecting it.


Destiny Retrieval

Destiny retrieval is a process in which a person is reconnected to their destiny or purpose in the world. It is a deeply powerful practice. The shaman journeys to the upper world on a person’s behalf, tracks their destiny lines, and brings back the one that is recognized to be for the highest and best good of the client, installing it into their luminous energy field.

Destiny retrieval is a way to reclaim one’s purpose in life. Destiny retrieval provides fuel to get us to our dreams. A destiny retrieval, however, can only be done after a person has engaged in significant healing work.