Spring Cleaning: Clearing Dense Energies

When I was a child growing up, after the daffodils and tulips and the cherry tree in the front yard had bloomed, once the temperature had crept into the high 60’s and low 70’s for good and the fresh of Spring was in the air, my mother would take the curtains down from all the windows in the house and wash them. She’d clean the windows from the inside, my father the windows from the outside. This was her Spring ritual. I once asked my mother why she washed the drapes and cleaned the windows every year. After all, it seemed to me they just got dirty again. She replied, it’s to let the sun in.

Our soul’s are a lot like the windows my parents cleaned as part of my family’s rite of Spring every year. The cleaner our soul is, the more sun we can welcome into our lives. You might be wondering how can a soul be cleaned and what would cleaning do to a soul anyway.

In my last post, I wrote how the law of attraction might work for some people but not for others. I wrote how a person might not be able to attract what they want to their life if their soul was vibrating at a rate slower than the positive thoughts she or he was sending out. I wrote that in order for positive thinking to be effective, a person must first clear their soul of the dense energies that get in the way so that both mind and soul can be in congruence.

“Cleaning” the soul is where a shaman can be helpful. When working with a client, the shaman’s goal is to remove and clear dense energies from the client’s energetic body because these energies cause blockages which in turn prevent us from living our fullest lives. In one sense, dense energies are like dirty windows that prevent sunshine from streaming in. If our personal windows are dirty, filmed over with dense energies, how can we expect sunshine to enter into our life. The more dense energies that have accumulated, the fewer positive energies will get through to nourish our soul. In another sense, dense energies slow down the rate at which our souls vibrate and, as a result, we tend to attract similarly vibrating energies.

Another way to look at it is by using a hot air balloon as an analogy. When hot air balloons are prepared for flight, helium is pumped into the balloon. What keeps it from rising into the air and floating away are the sandbags weighing it down. Consider the sandbags as dense, heavy energies, weighing the balloon down, preventing it from taking flight and floating above the landscape as it was designed to do, and you’ll have a pretty good understanding of how a heavy energy can prevent a person’s life from taking off as it was meant to do.

Once a dense energy is cleared from the energetic body, just like a hot air balloon losing a sand bag and gaining lift, the soul vibrates at a higher rate because the soul is no longer weighed down by the heavy energy. Removing dense energies also removes energetic blockages. Removing our energetic blockages helps us more easily reach for and achieve our dreams because we’re no longer weighed down by these unwanted, dense energies.