Trapped Emotions: Removing the Roadblocks to a Richer Life

Originating from the traumas we encounter in our lives, trapped emotions are fluid dense energies that become stuck in our luminous energy field, also called the aura. For example, the death of a loved one, a divorce, a serious illness, or being bullied at school in our younger years, are all life experiences that can leave behind dense energy that can get caught in the fabric of our soul. Left untended, dense energy can live within the luminous energy field for years causing unwanted havoc to our lives. What is worse is we may be unaware a trapped emotion is affecting us because these energies often act in stealth mode on a subconscious level. It’s not unusual to have one or more trapped emotions even. Suffice to say, these heavy energies serve us no good purpose. The good news is a single trapped emotion can be extracted by a skilled practitioner in a matter of minutes yielding extraordinary results.

Trapped emotions can affect us on a subconscious—and even conscious—level undermining our best efforts to attract what we want to our lives. We may think we’re sending positive vibes out to the Universe, but lurking in the background, playing its negative tape over and over in our minds, is a trapped emotion sending unwanted, unintended signals out to the Universe, sabotaging our best efforts to live the life we want.

How can a person realistically expect to find the perfect job or the perfect relationship if a trapped emotion is endlessly playing the message I am unworthy in their head? Whether consciously or not, that negative loop sends silent messages, unwanted reiterations of the same message—I am unworthy—out to the world where the world is more than happy to return results that mirror the message. So, we don’t find the perfect job or we find we land in the same crummy relationship we just ended but with a different partner.

If you feel like you’re being held back by a trapped emotion, you probably are. Trapped emotions can act as stubborn roadblocks, and until a trapped emotion is released, that roadblock is likely to remain in your path. Maybe you get up in the morning and can’t shake the feeling of dread when facing a new day. Maybe you’ve experienced a crushing heartbreak that caused a wall to be built around your heart—a wall that is now preventing new love from entering your life. Or maybe you have feelings of abandonment, insecurity, low self esteem, or rejection. These are all trapped emotions and can leave behind a powerful legacy that hold us back from living our richest, fullest lives.

A skilled practitioner can diagnose and extract an unwanted trapped emotion in about fifteen minutes. Clearing the soul from these ugly emotions can free us from the negative tapes that play over and over in our minds allowing us to come to each new day with a more positive attitude. Also, clearing a trapped emotion from the luminous energy field relieves the soul of heavy energy that would otherwise weigh it down. Ridding the soul of just one heavy energy can have remarkable results allowing the soul to vibrate faster, and our physical self to reach for the stars to claim the life we’ve always wanted.

If you think you’re being weighed down by a trapped emotion and would like to explore having it removed, you can arrange for a session by using the contact form here. The cost for the removal of a trapped emotion is $35. The session is a short one, usually 15 to 20 minutes. Sessions of this type involve a brief discussion of your problem after which I track for a trapped emotion that is your problem’s underlying cause and, once identified, it is removed.